The repairable battery

We are building a battery which is feature-packed, easy to use and fully repairable.

We love e-bikes! But as they become increasingly popular, we start to see more and more people frustrated with their batteries.

Existing batteries are too impractical and dangerous to repair, and often end-up being discarded for only minor defects.

This results in a lot of ecological and economical waste.

Gouach set out to build the first sustainable and fully repairable electric battery.

Our team invented an easy-to-use power solution that is just as reliable and powerful as market leaders, but is also eco-friendly.

The Gouach battery is packed with features, fully customizable, and comes with an easy-to-use API, documentation, and friendly community.

Protecting our environment just got easier!


Environmentally-friendly battery

A patented solder-less design which allows to repair the electronics and change the cells in less than 10 minutes.

Fully repairable
The Gouach battery is designed to be fully repairable in less than 10 minutes. Stop throwing batteries. Give back power to the users, and to the planet.
Solder-less design
Using our solder-less design, the cells are attached securely and can be changed. Get a fresh battery, for a few dollars.
Reduced CO2 footprint
The Gouach repairable design allows up to 70% of CO2 reduction on the footprint of a battery.

Developer superpowers!

We believe that a battery should be feature-packed, easy to work with and implemented for your needs.

Get full BLE and WiFi connectivity without a new component. Our battery is even capable of passive SSID geolocation.
Sequential discharge
Using sequential discharge, you can link multiple batteries together to give more power to your product, while making it easy to swap batteries.
Lithium protection
Activate this option and trade 10% of your range against 200% of battery life.

Fully customizable.

We offer custom form-factors to fit in any product. And make your work easier.

They use our batteries!

Our batteries are already powering Pony bikes!

Our team.

We are software-minded builders on a mission to makes batteries eco-friendly and easy to work with.

Alexandre Valette
Chief Executive Officer
Serial entrepreneur. Physics PhD. Built and soldered his own bike (and his own home). We are going to make e-bikes play a big role in climate recovery.
Maxime Agor
Head of Hardware
Hardware hacker. Major open-source contributor. Designed and built his own bass guitar
Maël Primet
Head of Software
Sold his first AI company to Sonos. Machine learning PhD. Started coding at 10. I want to provide people with the tools they need to make their best meaningful work.

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