Electrification Kit

A bike electrification kit that's empowering, easy to use and environmentally-friendly.


Bike electrification kits get you a performant bike at a much lower cost.

But existing batteries are too impractical and dangerous to repair. When you are no longer able to fix your issues, you're no longer really free.

Gouach built the first sustainable and fully repairable electric conversion kit.

This electrification kit allows you to convert bikes, and repair any issue with the battery safely in less than 10 minutes. It is packed with technology to make batteries last longer, and lowers their impact on the environment.

Protecting our environment just got easier!


Environmentally-friendly battery

A patented solder-less design which allows to repair the electronics and change the cells in less than 10 minutes.

Fully repairable
The Gouach battery is designed to be fully repairable in less than 10 minutes. Stop throwing batteries. Give back power to the users, and to the planet.
Solder-less design
Using our solder-less design, the cells are attached securely and can be changed. You can get a fresh battery, and give a second-life to old cells.
Reduced CO2 footprint
The Gouach repairable design allows up to 70% of CO2 reduction on the footprint of a battery.


Eco-motion kit
A kit designed for basic mobility needs. A downtube battery and a Bafang wheel-motor.
500Wh Gouach ecological battery
80—100km of autonomy
250W, 50Nm wheel-motor
Gazelle kit
A kit tailored for pro mobility needs. A downtube battery and a Bafang mid-drive motor.
500Wh Gouach ecological battery
80—100km of autonomy
250W, 80Nm mid-drive motor

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